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Optimize the success of your fair stand with the official trade fair newspaper!

Frankfurt daily is the official trade fair newspaper of Messe Frankfurt with issues devoted to the Automechanika, Light+Building, ISH and IFFA. The bilingual (German/English) fair newspaper offers visitors information of relevance to the industry concerned as well as orientation on the fairgrounds.

Frankfurt daily Media
  • Printed edition
  • e-Paper
Frankfurt daily topics
  • New products
  • Special events

The free newspaper is handed out by hostesses to visitors every day of the fair and distributed in Frankfurt hotels.

Additionally to the print version, all daily issues of  Frankfurt daily are published as e-paper.

Your benefits of advertising
  • Transparency
    One advert – all issues – one price
  • Exclusivity
    “Frankfurt Daily” is the only official daily newspaper which is distributed on the exhibition site
  • Internationalism
    “Frankfurt Daily” is published in two languages in its entirety, facilitating contact with international exhibitors and industry professionals
  • Presence at the point of interest
    Permanent publicity reaching exhibitors and industry professionals – Your product news are published on all trade fair days
  • Last-minute impact
    Last chance to advertise products and services and draw visitors to the stand
  • Considerable increase in circulation
    because of the digital distribution as an e-paper during the fair
  • Relevance
    Perfectly timed publicity catering to the current need for information and exploiting the increased receptiveness of all the market players during the trade fair
  • Excellent value for money
    Very reasonable cost per thousand due to the high print run and online circulation figures (e-paper)
  • Topicality
    The latest news can be covered thanks to daily publication and direct production on the exhibition site
  • Long-term value
    Many industry professionals keep the trade journal and may come across your advertisement later

Positioning of Frankfurt daily newspaper

It is the job of the trade fair organiser to draw visitors to the exhibition grounds. But to get them to visit their stands, exhibitors themselves must do something. For over 30 years Messe Frankfurt has been producing through its own publishing department trade fair journals to bring exhibitors and visitors together at the time of the event. These publications have proved an effective means of winning new customers and consolidating ties with existing ones.

What do trade fair publications achieve compared to specialist magazines?
  • focus on national readers
  • deal, as a general rule, with a limited range of subjects
  • target national and professionally oriented readers
  • are purveyors of knowledge and further education within their industries
  • are published at regular intervals
  • are sold via subscription or at news stands
  • allow publicity work, product advertising and image development to continue all year round
  • cover market and background topics
  • generally have small print runs
  • are aimed at national and international trade visitors to a specific event
  • throw the spotlight on individual exhibitors
  • concentrate on the trade fair in question and its new products, exhibiting firms and accompanying highlights
  • reach industry participants worldwide through their dual-language format
  • encourage readers to visit the stands presented
  • increase the likelihood of additional sales
  • are free of charge for readers on all channels
  • provide cross-media support all year round to effective trade fair preparation
  • have, as a rule, a very high circulation (from just under 40,000 to over 80,000 readers)
  • are distributed during the show at the fairground and hotels

Frankfurt daily, the indispensable complement to a specialist magazine

In view of their respective orientations, it is evident that it can not be a question of ‘either… or…’ here. In fact, Frankfurt daily represents the ideal complement to a sound media strategy at the time of the fair.

Specialist magazines reach their target groups all year round

Trade journals are as indispensable for exhibitors as they are for the trade fair organiser. Exhibitors successfully use trade journals for their year-round promotional and publicity activities and as a result reach a predominantly domestic and relatively homogenous industry-based target group.

Trade fair marketing attracts buyers

Messe Frankfurt Exhibition/Jens Liebchen

Particularly in advance of the event, the organisers use the specialist media for lavish marketing initiatives in order to raise awareness of the upcoming fairs and increase the number of dealers and other buyers attending. In addition to year-round PR measures and advertisements in specialist and general magazines, direct advertising, an internet presence and online marketing, as well as outdoor advertising within and beyond the region, ensure extensive media coverage and attract considerable numbers of visitors to the scene of the fair.

Obviously, the organiser can only promote the trade fair as a whole – not the stands of individual exhibitors! This is where trade fair magazines such as Frankfurt daily come in by complementing the marketing efforts of exhibitors at the precise moment and point of interest. The power of Frankfurt daily to convince and attract buyers is greatest amongst those already committed to visit the fair or, indeed, already there.

Attract visitors to your stand!

The last chance to divert visitors directly to your stand is targeted marketing in the official trade fair newspaper Frankfurt daily. Find out from our rate cards about all the various ways to optimize your chances of success in Frankfurt through Frankfurt daily.